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Building innovation into safety training

A new initiative set to revolutionise the way people think and work in construction highlights the need for a creative approach when it comes to training and development.

Recovery of the housing market is not only increasing the volume of work but also the pressure on construction workers. As a result, the numbers of deaths and those seriously injured on building sites are expected to rise as the industry is having to work with less experienced people, in multiple languages, with equipment in high demand. That generates fresh hazards in a business that is inherently risky.

In response, an Innovation Fund has been launched by property developer Berkeley – a £2m initiative that offers grants to companies, universities, individuals and inventors to tackle safety awareness and improve standards on construction sites.

Royal Mail roadshow

The industry is looking for something totally new, totally disruptive so that it can gear-up to meet demand safely while improving access to skills development.

Engaging colleagues

This fantastic new initiative is set to address an issue that we’ve seen time and time again within business - it’s very easy for staff to become complacent about health and safety, particularly those who have been in an industry for many years. But changing mind-set through education and training in an innovative way can be a challenge within itself, particularly if colleagues are geographically dispersed.
Creating impact and inducing change is all about reaching people in an engaging way. That may mean taking them off site to a new environment, learning from an out-of-category business or taking a totally different approach like a roadshow truck tour.

What’s important is that you make the experience interactive and enjoyable as well as consistent -without compromising on service – Royal Mail is a great example of delivering on all counts.

Challenge: Improve health and safety amongst the workforce and reduce the number of annual accidents recorded.

Solution: Create a 24 hour training truck that would conveniently reach all front line depot staff without compromising on service. Deliver high impact interactive 30 minute sessions. Use an engaging space to communicate and train staff on the importance of safety during.

Result: Highly efficient way to train and engage over 8,000 employees face to face during what would normally be unsociable business training hours - impressively they were able to reach more than 350 employees per day.

This is just one example of an organisation that we’ve worked with to make a difference to their training and development. If you want to see more business to employee roadshow campaigns we have delivered or you are interested in how we can help you bring your next programme to life, get in touch today.

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