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An insider’s guide to the latest innovations unveiled at Cisco Live Milan

One of the benefits of working with international brands is the opportunity to travel. This week we had the pleasure of jetting off to Milan to take in one of the most exclusive technology shows around - Cisco Live.

Having worked with Cisco for the last seven years delivering multi-vehicle roadshow truck tours, attending the event provided us with a fantastic opportunity to get under their skin, develop a better understanding of their vision and meet the wider team. It also helped us to get a better feel for their partners’ businesses too who we’ve worked with such as Telecom Italia, Telefonica and KPN. 

Cisco Live

Cisco Live evolved out of the Networkers conferences that began in 1989. Today it continues that early emphasis on enhancing technical skills and discovering innovative solutions to evolving network and communications challenges. It allows Cisco customers and partners to gather insights on emerging technologies and their potential to transform the way we work, learn, and play.

There’s no doubt that Cisco Live is one of the ‘must-see’ events and this year’s show didn’t disappoint.

The show delivered on all accounts, educating and entertaining on a large scale - connecting with audiences face to face and through social media. 

Cisco clearly values the power of human interaction when demonstrating their vision of a face to face virtual world and will be repeating the event in Melbourne, San Francisco and Cancun this year.

The Cisco roadshow tours echo this formula – tactically taking products to their partners and customers to demonstrate first-hand the power of their connecting technology with a human touch.

Even in today’s world of connectivity you can’t underestimate the power of face to face demonstrations delivered through hands on-labs to support the sales cycle.  Mobile showrooms are tried and tested way to educate and engage decision makers and influencers. 

It’s an exciting time for the tech sector and it’s fantastic to see Cisco leading the way in terms of industry collaboration and education to help forge future solutions and technologies.

Keith Austin

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Clarity of vision and years of big brand experience have helped Keith take EMS from start-up to market leader. The continual challenges he places on both the business and the team are keeping us in pole position, where we intend to stay.

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