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A reason to engage

From a distance you feel compelled to check out the giant truck, as you get closer the urge builds and once you’re finally taking a step on board the excitement hits you as you become immersed in an experience which looks the part, is wholly captivating and there’s clearly lots to keep you occupied.

Yet to take your engagement one step further, provoking an action, perhaps sharing what you’re up to with your friends, colleagues or family, you need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Calsberg Experiential Marketing

Take the latest activation by Carlsberg Denmark, which ups the ante on the idea of a ‘Happy Hour’. The ‘Happy Hour 2:0’ campaign gives people a chance to extend the time they can buy discounted drinks by asking them to upload their pictures to Instagram with the name of the venue and #HappyBeerTime. Behind the scenes a simple dongle has been fitted to TV screens in participating bars, enabling both staff and participants to view live updates.

While clearly a lure for consumers, it also supports their retail partners as venues receive promotion through the tagged images posted on Instagram.

This is a great idea, demonstrating not only how social and digital media can be used to drive interaction with a campaign, but also the need to give people a reason to push out content to wider audiences.

Creating a memorable and unique hashtag is part of Happy Hour 2:0’s success, but the key is the element of creativity it evokes.

Combining a fun and dynamic social experience with technology at a roadshow is a successful formula to boost interaction and maximise impact. We have seen first-hand the power of this approach from our work with 20th Century Fox.

To raise awareness of its Blu-ray proposition it deployed an interactive roadshow, which married green screen technology, social media and creativity.

The green screen meant that visitors could become the stars of their own movie trailer, which was delivered to their inbox. The Blu-ray message went effortlessly global when visitors shared it with friends via social media - ensuring engagement long after the event had finished.

Giving your audience a reason to take action, a step beyond their immediate involvement with your event, is no easy task, but with a little bit of innovative thinking and knowledge of the latest technology a great campaign can be transformed into a memorable and long-lasting experience.

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