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Helping agencies to deliver global face to face campaigns

Roadshow expert EMS has seen agency enquiries soar as they seek to create highly innovative and interactive experiences that enable their clients to connect ‘one to one’ with their customers wherever they are in the world.

With unsettled market conditions coupled with a decline in attendance at trade exhibitions, brands understand that in order to stimulate sales they need to react quickly and tactically with face to face activity.

Taking to the road enables their clients to target new markets quickly and demonstrate their latest products to new and existing customers in a highly immersive, interactive and private environment.

What makes EMS unique is not just the access they unlock to state of the art exhibition trailers, but the expert ability of their in-house team to interpret and transform their ideas into reality. It is this key ingredient that highlights EMS as a proven trusted agency supplier - enabling agencies to confidently take their client campaigns on the road.

Keith Austin, Chief Executive at EMS said: “Our agency business will account for nearly 60% of this year’s revenue. During the past 10 years we’ve delivered some incredible agency campaigns throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We really help support agencies by playing to our strengths, allowing them to play to theirs.”

Agency customers:

Ivor Frankland at Mansfield Design
“Professional looking up front, but more important the attention to detail, determination and teamwork makes EMS an easy choice.”

Shenan Morgan at Avvio
“EMS helped us to create a truly immersive experience that allowed Sky people to feel for themselves the power of HD, first-hand. Using a mobile solution also helped us to maximise the number of people we could reach - by taking the experience directly to them and organising the schedule around their working day.”

Paul Micallef at FK3
“We were incredibly pleased with the results of the tour, by combining the use of a vehicle and stand we were able to reach the target audience and provide them with a unique and energetic experience of the brand. Getting the product in front of potential customers was the key objective and we almost doubled our target number of demonstrations - a fantastic result”

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