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EMS Staff travel to Africa in aid of Charity

Last month the Event Marketing Solutions team travelled to Africa, in a non-traditional sense transforming their office into a Ugandan Utopia.

Rachael Forster, Client Operations Executive is an ambassador for the African charity DRIP. Early September will see her exchange two weeks of busy scheduling and co-ordination tour tasks to work voluntarily within the Ugandan community. The main objective is to provide horticultural education that will support locals in becoming more sustainable, helping to reduce the level of poverty.

In order for Rachael to embark on such a great initiative the charity needed to raise at least £1,600 which was where EMS was more than happy to support the cause. Last month a charity event day saw all staff members come to work in cultural African themed dress, accompanied with games and cakes to encourage everyone to donate as much as possible during the day. The afternoon saw colleagues put their culinary skills to the test offering a selection of local African delicacies.

Keith Austin, CEO at EMS said: “I’m delighted that we can support one of our colleagues with such a fantastic project. We understand how much dedication and personal commitment it takes in order to achieve something so great. In light of this, EMS has made the decision to donate the additional sum required to meet its funding target. It’s also great to be able to have the opportunity to support an African aid initiative, especially with having live client tours operating in that continent.”

Rachael added: “The generosity of EMS and all of the support received from my peers was a wonderful surprise. This additional donation has ultimately enabled me to complete the funding necessary to complete the project – and I’m so excited that my involvement will now be able to make a difference”.

DRIP was formed with the aim of combating the effects of climate change, namely, reduced food security in sub-Saharan Africa, particularly Uganda. A wholly volunteer run charity, they welcome volunteers who can help in the UK support as well as in the field. For more information visit www.drip.org.uk.

EMS has been successfully managing and operating international roadshows for global clients for the past 13 years. To date they have operated roadshows in over 40 countries worldwide. This is the first international charity EMS have supported, previous CSR initiatives include working with the Cheshire Wildlife Trust on local projects.

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