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EMS roadshow marketing reflects upward Bellwether trend

There’s some good news for marketers as they move into the closing quarter of 2011. The latest IPA/BDO Bellwether report – a vital barometer of the industry – shows that marketing budgets are at last being revised upwards, bucking a three-quarter trend.

In addition, the ‘all other’ category of the report – which includes PR – recorded growth for the first time in four years, taking it to +1.5%.

The welcome boost follows a Bellwether prediction earlier this year that there would be a return to confidence in 2011, as companies spend more on marketing to increase sales and deliver growth. It’s a trend that is reflected in EMS’ continuing success in the downturn, as more and more clients invest in its roadshow marketing expertise to get one to one with existing and new clients. Managing DirectorKeith Austin said: “Clients are becoming more focused and tactical in their marketing activity and we are working with them to make every penny count!

“Employee engagement is particularly important to keep morale high and people motivated. More and more EMS clients – like Sky, Barclays and Astra Zeneca – have used our marketing roadshows to reach their staff in imaginative and energising ways, delivering fantastic results.

"Our ability to put clients products and services directly into the hands of their target customers where ever they are in the world is what makes our roadshow marketing offer unique”

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