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EMS maps its global roadshow reach

EMS has revealed the global reach of its marketing roadshows by launching an interactive map on their website.

The map reveals their vast international experience and will be regularly updated to display where in the world they are currently operating roadshows in. Already it shows the 43 countries that EMS has worked in, from Canada and the US, to Europe and as far east as Abu Dhabi and Russia.

Last year alone EMS visited 28 countries, delivering campaigns for a number of big brands including 20th Century Fox, Astra Zeneca, Dell and Infinera.

Just four months into the year, their busy schedule already includes 24 countries, and EMS is about to go on the road to the Middle East with another big technology brand.

EMS Managing Director Keith Austin said:

“This map shows the truly worldwide reach of EMS and the big global brands that we work with. More and more clients are using our expertise in planning and implementing multi-lingual roadshow campaigns to engage with international audiences. 2011 already promises to be a busy year for us as brands use roadshows to tap into new markets.”

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