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EMS maintains its unbroken ISO quality record

EMS has passed a tough three-year ISO re-accreditation audit of its quality standards – maintaining its unbroken record since it first achieved the standard in 2005.

The auditors’ report praised the company’s ‘high level’ of conformance with all staff using the quality system. It also confirmed that business development, planning and monitoring tours, vehicle builds and tour implementation processes were consistently operated and well planned and managed within the company.

The ISO 9001 standard is an important quality benchmark for businesses during procurement and when obtaining approval from suppliers.

EMS Managing Director Keith Austin said:
“We are delighted to maintain our record on this important quality standard, which is down to the entire EMS team. It has been another record-breaking year for the company and this is further independent proof of our ability to go above and beyond what’s required and deliver quality roadshows and unbeatable service to our clients.”


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