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EMS launches new vehicle for Middle East arena

International marketing roadshow specialist Event Marketing Solutions has added to its fleet of vehicles with a new giant that keeps its cool when the heat is on.

The hi-spec 13.6m Voyager 5 is built to an exacting brief for hotter climates, to meet the demanding requirements of Middle East tour activity for EMS’ growing portfolio of international clients. The state-of-the-art vehicle, which transforms into over 55m2 of internal exhibition space boasts

  • Fully insulated flooring and double insulated walls (to shut out noise and heat)
  • Extra air conditioning
  • White heat-reflective paint on the roof
  • Optional tropical roof (allowing cool air to flow and improve the unit’s efficiency)
  • Structure changes to the fixed floor area (to hold complex, heavy racks and IT servers)

The new trailer also incorporates the Voyager’s super-speedy set up time. One person can have it ready for action in just ONE hour, creating a spacious environment to demonstrate products or host presentations, training sessions or internal communications campaigns.
It is the eighth Voyager to be built by EMS. Previous Voyager clients include IBM, Ford, Motorola and Astra Zeneca.

EMS Managing Director Keith Austin said:
“Voyager is extremely popular with a growing number of technology clients as it allows them to house and transport complex equipment all over the world in order to get one to one with international clients. All our Voyager trailers are able to cope with the heat, but this one has the edge for particularly high temperatures in Middle East terrain. Now we can provide - as standard, the latest kit to keep clients cool, whatever the temperature. Quite simply our clients can follow the cash to anywhere in the world and get stand-out for their products away from the competition.”

Austin added: “Continuing investment in our fleet is really important and will secure out growth as we head for another record year.”

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