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EMS celebrates successful Re-defining Roadshows events

Last month we offered to open our doors and reveal the secrets of roadshow truck tours to anyone who wanted to know more – and we were delighted with the response.

From EMS HQ in Ellesmere Port, chief executive Keith Austin hosted a mix of agencies and end clients who attended our first Re-defining Roadshows event.

Re-defining Roadshows event 2016

Our hi-tech fleet of trailers were available for guests to tour, giving them a new understanding of how spaces can be transformed for different campaigns and how different brands use roadshows to grow their business.

The following week, we repeated it all again – but this time in the heart of Dubai’s Media City. Cassie Kendrew, our head of client operations, joined Keith for an event that even attracted the Dubai health minister.

“This isn’t what I expected…”

The reaction to our two events blew us away. Here’s a taster of the feedback we received:

  • “I’d never considered using a truck for training… but I definitely will now.”
  • “Some of these designs are incredible. I can’t believe what you can fit in a single truck.”
  • “The kitchen on the truck is nicer than mine at home.”
  • “It feels very strong and sturdy inside – not at all what I expected. Roadshows are definitely on my radar now.”
  • “Thanks for a really interesting day. You’ve shown me a great and cost-effective alternative to visiting trade shows.”

If you would like to be notified of our next event, either email info@eventms.com or give us a call on 
+44 (0)151 350 1500


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