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Connecting with consumers to deliver Christmas sales

Roadshow expert EMS is experiencing strong interest from high-profile consumer brands looking for new ways to connect with customers and drive crucial pre-Christmas sales.

With a still unsettled economy, brands are determined to turn the challenges into opportunities by taking to the road and creating memorable one-to-one engagement with their customers. And with some retail experts predicting a move away from ‘shed shopping’ to a more personal and inspiring shopping experience, EMS’ state-of-the-art exhibition trailers are the perfect solution for brands looking to create stand-out.

The trailers are ideally suited for consumer electronics campaigns – providing a self-contained space for people to try out new games or devices first-hand, as well as an opportunity to provide eye-catching promotional support for key retail locations.

Keith Austin, CEO at EMS,said: “Christmas is the peak selling period for consumer electronics, and despite the economic challenges we’re seeing huge demand from brands looking to create stand-out and ramp up their sales."

“Not only does EMS have a proven track record of success, but we also provide an end-to-end service for our clients, with every aspect taken care of. We understand that it takes passion and commitment to engage consumers and so we go beyond what’s required to deliver brilliant ROI for our clients.” And EMS clients that have used roadshows tactically at this time of year agree. Working with marketing communications agency FK3, EMS project-managed a high-profile, on-the-road campaign to showcase SanDisk’s products to consumers in the UK and France.

The campaign exceeded its target of delivering 2,000 product demonstrations by a staggering 189.8 per cent, with 5,795 consumers engaged over an eight-day period. “A fantastic result,” said FK3 Partner, Paul Micallef.

20th Century Fox’s pan-European roadshow created public excitement and buy-in around the technology benefits of Blu-ray, while promoting the release of famous back-catalogue films in the run-up to the festive season. EMS’ branded giant exhibition trailer visited 32 sites in Germany, the UK, France and Italy and campaign’s results were striking, with:
- 7,674 direct interactions recorded on board the vehicle
- 1,851 visitors experiencing a Blu-ray product presentation.

August Martin, Vice President of Marketing, Library and Home Entertainment, says 20th Century Fox understood that a roadshow had the potential to reach huge numbers of consumers, as well as support their retail partners. He said: “The campaign allowed us to connect with consumers on an interactive and personal level.”


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