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Challenge accepted! EMS take on US partner in transatlantic foot race

At EMS, we love a challenge. So there was no way we’d turn down the chance to compete with MRA, our partner company in America, when they approached us with the idea for a summer stroll like no other.

Around 5,800km separates our base in Chester with the MRA office in Detroit, Michigan. That’s the equivalent of just over 7,200,000 steps – and MRA fancied a foot race. The task was simple: whoever hit those 7.2 million steps first would be the winner, with a Facebook group giving staff from both companies the chance to show off their achievements.

EMS' US Partner MRA

Keeping healthy and working as a team was the perfect fit for EMS, so it was time to stretch the legs and dust off our trainers. And with the Rio Olympics acting as extra inspiration, we soon got stuck in. Challenge accepted!

Off to a strong start we’re now into the third week of the competition and there have been some impressive tallies from both sides of the pond. MRA Account Executive Liz Fogg was the first to strike when she notched up 16,875 steps on only the third day of competition. But we’re pleased to say we quickly found our stride.

  • EMS Chairman Iain Johnston marched 20,263 steps (almost 17km) to get week two off to a great start.
  • Project Manager Laura Collinson broke the 21,000 barrier a few days later by racking up 10.3 miles in a single day.
  • Business Delivery Manager Suzie Nield even kept up the momentum during her holiday!

EMS Staff competing in the Foot Race

Who’s in the lead? The results are already in for week one, with MRA holding a narrow advantage. Our American partners finished the first seven days with 1,622,231 steps, while we managed 1,588,241 – just 33,990 steps behind.

But there’s still a long way to go and we’re confident we can do the business. Keep checking our blog for the latest updates or search social media for #EMSvsMRA!

The #EMSvsMRA step challenge is getting competitive with the next update on Monday - go #TeamEMS!

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