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Roadshow Events Business Helps Major Brands get Back to Business in Face of COVID Disruption

Roadshow specialists EMS – The Roadshow Experts have experienced an increase in the major brands and global companies looking to pursue European tours, as a safe alternative to postponed events and exhibitions.

The likes of medical and safety equipment manufacturer Dräger are resuming their long-running and successful roadshows to maintain their marketing strategies in the face of COVID-19.

With many major events either cancelled or paused as a result of COVID-19 disruption, roadshows have become an increasingly attractive exhibition alternative for companies looking to get face-to-face with clients safely. Whilst many tours were initially paused in the early days of the pandemic, now that numerous countries are gradually reopening across the continent, EMS is working closely with clients to resume tours that comply with all relevant public health guidance.

Dräger event pre-COVID

The company has introduced strict cleaning regimes, PPE protocol and has designed multiple customer journeys around social distancing guidelines. The trucks are also going to be monitored throughout the event days and sanitised after each session by a dedicated Roadshow Manager.

Due to roadshow truck classification as freight vehicles, crossing borders in Europe remains possible, with tours handed over to a new team in each territory. Roadshow trucks can also be flexibly re-routed in the case of further disruption.

Simone Vogel, Live Marketing Region, Dräger Europe, commented: "Dräger has embarked on tours with EMS across Europe and the Middle East in the past to great success. It’s been a way for us to reach more C-level executives than ever before, and with many exhibitions cancelled, the marketing tool is going to help us to stay in touch with our customers flexibly and safely.

"We’re able to ensure all infection prevention measures are in place, whilst still being able to connect with people face-to-face – from a reasonable distance, of course. The roadshow format also differentiates us from the myriad of virtual events that many of our competitors are pursuing. Dräger’s branded tours have been built specifically to make our solutions more tangible, which enables us to stand out from the crowd."                                           

EMS CEO and founder Keith Austin commented: "We are all dedicated to keeping employees and customers safe, and truck roadshows provide a unique way for businesses to do this. With many reluctant to travel or be around large groups of people, EMS has spent significant time ensuring our roadshows are COVID-Secure, whilst remaining a viable solution for brands to go direct to customers in a memorable but safe environment.

"This is reflected in our upcoming tours, with clients including RS Components currently planning events for later in the year. We are also helping world leading personal power brand Duracell launch a new product in Europe via a roadshow this Autumn. And we are in talks with several businesses turning to mobile exhibition units to deliver public health and employee engagement campaigns. We are thrilled to continue to help businesses reach their audiences face-to-face, safely and efficiently throughout the pandemic and beyond."

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