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Parker Hannifin enters new territories with EMS

Parker Hannifin is extending its reach with a tour of Oman, marking the company’s first time in the Arab state and the ninth consecutive year that we have put the global engineering giant on the road.

Starting in April 2014, the new six-week tour of the Middle East kicked off at the OGWA Exhibition in Oman in conjunction with client Ray International. After spending two weeks in Oman, the company will head to UAE for four weeks. 

The new leg of the Parker Instrumentation tour will include VIP events at client sites, giving Parker Hannifin the opportunity to demonstrate first-hand its world-leading motion and control technology, engaging key oil and gas customers and prospects.

We opened our first overseas office last year in Dubai, and Parker Hannifin will be using our expertise on the ground to ensure that the roadshow runs smoothly across territory that is new to the company.

Parker roadshowThe 50m2 high-tech truck has so far toured the Middle East and Europe, taking in 28 countries and clocking up over 100,000 miles with 402 event days – all managed by EMS.

Parker Hannifin’s return to roadshow truck tours time and time again is testament to the benefits that being mobile brings. It has enabled the company to take advantage of high footfall at major exhibitions, and take its complex and heavy-weight technology to the doorsteps of customers, proving a flexible as well as time and cost-effective solution. 

Parker Hannifin is just one of a growing number of our clients who are benefitting from technology demonstration roadshows. Other clients include Ciena, Schlumberger, Dell, Samsung and IBM.

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