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New phase of Infinera international B2B marketing roadshow launched

New phase of Infinera international B2B marketing roadshow launched

US technology giant Infinera has launched a new leg of its highly successful international B2B marketing roadshow tour in Germany.

The high-profile roadshow campaign, delivered by roadshow specialist Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) began in May 2009 and has already toured 13 countries in Europe and Asia.

The new leg of the tour begins in Soltau, south of Hamburg, in September. It will then visit Helsinki, Stockholm, Luxembourg and Amsterdam, as well as returning to the UK, which has proved an extremely successful country for the campaign.

EMS - which provided Infinera with the 13.6 metre branded mobile exhibition trailer that is hosting the tour - will continue managing the movement of the vehicle in a packed European schedule, including border control passing and all site bookings.

Infinera’s roadshow is showcasing the company’s revolutionary optical networking technology that makes it quicker and easier to transfer large quantities of data through a digital network. Visitors can carry out live network configurations on board the vehicle – witnessing first-hand the speed and simplicity of the product.

Jeff Ferry, Marketing Director at Infinera said: ”We are extremely pleased with the response to the tour, which has already more than repaid on our investment in terms of new business. EMS has continued to impress us with its ability to deliver on every element of the campaign.”

Infinera’s Director of Technical Marketing Leigh Wade added: “This vehicle is a multi-million dollar calling card for us. It’s a great way to have a one-to-one interaction with our customers.”

Keith Austin, CEO of EMS, said: “We are delighted to continue supporting Infinera on this highly successful tour across Europe and beyond. More and more international B2B brands are now appreciating how roadshow campaigns can give them the marketing edge.”

Infinera is one of a growing number of EMS clients who are benefitting from B2B marketing roadshows. Other clients include Parker and Motorola.

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