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Fox gives public a starring role in Blu-ray campaign

Film corporation giant 20th Century Fox is offering the public the chance to take a starring role in famous film trailers in ‘the Blu-ray experience’ - a major mobile interactive roadshow campaign that will travel across Europe to reach consumers in the run-up to Christmas.

Launching in Germany on October 25, the high-tech, multilingual tour, delivered by marketing roadshow specialist Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) will also visit the UK, France and Italy in a tactical drive to support key Fox European retail partners.

EMS has created the mobile interactive consumer experience within a branded 50m2 exhibition unit that will immerse European movie fans in the Fox Blu-ray experience. The roadshow will allow visitors to take a unique star role in one of four famous movie trailers being promoted - The Sound of Music, Alien, Night of the Museum 2 and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The mobile unit experience incorporates two special Green Screen backgrounds that allow visitors’ faces to be superimposed on to those of famous actors. The film trailers will be edited on-board and emailed to visitors after the event in their home language - creating a European viral campaign by lengthening the event experience and allowing them to share the clip via Facebook and Twitter and spread the word about Blu-ray.

An on-board mini-cinema will host showreel presentations on the unique features and benefits of Blu-ray/HD, with special showings of clips from the smash hit Avatar. The roadshow will also promote the Blu-ray availability of Fox blockbusters Ice Age, Marmaduke, Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge.

EMS has designed and managed the bespoke complex fit out of the 13.6m exhibition vehicle and developed the Green Screen technology to work in a mobile environment. Externally, there is a full vehicle wrap with eye-catching movie graphics and flexibility built in to translate messages for each country. The windows will be fitted with plasma screens to promote the films and Green Screen opportunity to the outside public. As part of the roadshow service, EMS is also managing all logistics plus recruitment and training of the European event promotion staff.

August Martin, Vice President of Marketing, Library and Home Entertainment for Fox said:

“This is an exciting campaign that will create a giant buzz about the Fox Blu-ray experience across Europe. The roadshow allows us to connect with consumers on a personal level and through the film trailers and data capture, it will create strong social media momentum beyond the event itself.

“We strategically chose a roadshow to market this campaign because it can deliver product demonstrations and face-to-face contact with high numbers of consumers and in turn support our European retail partners at an important time of year.”

Keith Austin, CEO at EMS said: “Working with 20th Century Fox, we have created a truly immersive multilingual campaign that will directly engage consumers in their brand and the Blu-ray technology.”

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