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EMS hits new leg of Healthy Heart roadshow

Event Marketing Solutions has launched a new leg of the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) marathon Heart Health roadshow, which has connected with more than 72,000, people in an award-winning three year tour.

The 13-week 2012 tour, on board aBHF-branded roadshow vehicle, will make 65 visits to city centre locations in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Mansfield and Newark as BHF completes its hard-hitting national drive to tackle areas with a population most at risk of heart disease in the UK. The charity strategically uses the roadshow to target and engage with members of the public who might not normally visit their GP.

Since 2009, the roadshow has visited over 240 towns and cities, delivered over 36,000 one-to-one lifestyle checks and signed up more than 60% of visitors to the BHFs Heart Matters service. It offers free support and guidance on maintaining a healthy lifestyle from a team of friendly and highly trained staff who can explain how to make small but achievable changes.

Bhf Mobile Clinic

Marketing roadshow specialist EMS has managed the campaign since 2009, recruiting and training BHF brand ambassadors, managing all logistics and supplying vital feedback to BHF from the public at every stage of the tour, via simple touchscreens.

Amanda Kenn, BHF Roadshow Manager said “The roadshow has been hugely successful for us, and we believe it has had a positive impact on people’s attitudes to heart disease. Using a branded mobile exhibition vehicle has enabled us to reach people where they live, work and play, and the strength of this approach has been apparent in the way that the public have engaged with us"

“We have stayed with EMS throughout this tour because they have consistently delivered a quality environment in which to communicate, and because of their attention to detail in planning and logistics. Other important assets for us were their expertise in recruiting and training brand ambassadors - who have created standout for the BHF name - and the quality of their vehicle preparation, data capture and campaign reporting.”

EMS CEO, Keith Austin, said: “We are delighted to be out on the road again with BHF in 2012, delivering a new leg of this knock-out campaign, which has produced such great results for them. We are very proud that the roadshow has had a measurable effect in terms of people’s lives and how they view their heart health.”

EMS logged visitors’ comments throughout the tour. Here is a small selection:

“We don’t have things like this round here; it’s fantastic.”
“Thumbs up, I’m gonna get my fella down here, pronto.”
“I don’t think I would have made it after my heart attack without the BHF. I am on my own and just having someone to talk to really made a difference.”
“I came on when you were here last time, feeling rotten, having lost my son to cardiomyopathy. I’ve lost a stone since then, having spoken to one of your nice ladies. I’m feeling much better and just want to say thank you.”

Key facts

  • Award-winning campaign managed by EMS on behalf of British Heart Foundation
  • Three year Heart Health tour of 9 ‘at-risk’ areas of the UKs
  • Delivered by BHF nurses, dieticians and heart health advisors; brand ambassadors recruited and trained by EMS
  • EMS delivers all logistics and vehicle preparation
  • The BHF roadshow has connected with over 72,000 people and delivered over 36,000 one-to-one lifestyle checks

See case study with the British Heart Foundation on EMS Healthcare website.

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