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Why choose to go on tour?

If you’re delivering live product demonstrations, educating customers or delivering training within a lab environment, getting face-to-face with the people that matter has never been more important. We work with leading global medical and technology businesses throughout EMEA to help them to go on tour using a roadshow truck, making it easier for them to:

•   Showcase large or complex equipment in an environment that can be controlled.
•   Get more time with the people they want to reach by going directly to their sites – shortening the sales cycle.
•   Reduce costs  as there is no need to build complex stands, set up equipment, or hire technical staff.

What can you do?

We own a fleet of specialist roadshow trucks available to hire or buy that can expand and fold out to 3 times the size of regular trucks, creating a space of up to 75m2. We offer a fully managed service to include the operation, logistics, site liaison and set up of our trucks. All of our trucks are fully self-contained and quickly deployed on site by our expert team, creating environments such as:

Where can you go?

The greatest benefit of going mobile is that you can go direct to your customers. We currently run touring programmes across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Russia and the US. We help our customers reach locations such as the following:


Parking on site maximises engagement to all staff, from lab technicians through to clinical directors.


Presenting live product demonstrations in university labs and privately held labs.

Conferences & Exhibitions

Take the truck right to the trade show floor or park outside for increased exposure.


Choose strategic city locations anywhere in EMEA and create your own ‘mini conference’ with demos.

How does it work?


We provide the right roadshow truck.


We fully design and brand the truck.


We install your product.


We drive the truck and take care of all logistics.


We develop an optimised tour schedule.


We liaise with the sites.


We track your return on investment.

A proven model

Get in touch

If you would like to find out more about roadshow programmes, give the sales team a call on +44 (0) 151 350 1535 or email us a few of your ideas info@eventms.com