COVID-19: How We Can Help:

Do you want the results of face-to-face events and the benefits of going virtual?

Our clients have been utlising roadshows for hybrid events for many years. All the benefits of a roadshow truck tour (we've popped them in the below link, handy!) plus, you can bring people on-board who can take part in the same conversations, virtually.

Ensure your event strategy road map includes face-to-face this year, with a COVID-Secure experience that can bring you the best of both the physical and digital worlds of events.

Why Roadshows Are the Best Face-to-Face Option

Hybrid Event Roadshow Ideas

Change should be embraced as it forces businesses to do things differently, innovate and elevate your brand above the crowd of competitors. Here's how our clients have used hybrid roadshows to get ahead;

Employee Engagement

Big changes requires mass communication. Take a consistent experience directly to offices. Virtually include senior management to engage all levels within one branded environment.

Product Launches

Don't let the cancellation of exhibitions hold you back. Hold your own COVID-Secure product launch events and digitally invite additional stakeholders.

Sales Training

Ensure sales staff understand your product range by providing in-depth face-to-face training using live demonstrations. Increase both consumer brand knowledge and sales.

Public Awareness

Provide the public with important information. Roadshows communicate a message and educate people across multiple locations within the community.

57% of respondents say they would rather attend an in-person version of a hybrid event than the virtual version

Roadshows take the experience to the audience, and then provide the option of virtual speakers or attendees

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Like most other businesses, COVID-19 and Brexit have been two of our biggest challenges to date, but we’ve worked with our clients to ensure their roadshow tours keep going as they are vital to their sales and marketing strategies. Get in touch to find out how you could do the same.

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