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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions, especially from clients new to roadshow truck marketing. Here are a few of the popular ones - but if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Don’t worry, we listen to your requirements and our expert team will recommend the best roadshow truck for your campaign. Most important thing to remember is that size doesn’t always matter!

Yes, our trucks take a couple of hours to set up and breakdown, so it’s easy to move daily. We work with you to plan a detailed schedule so you can get the most events possible during the tour.

We can do as little or as much to help, our site database contains over 5,000 international approved sites so we can take the headache away. Alternatively we can research new sites too.

Our Operations team will do this and ensure that we pack in the maximum number of event days. We handle all the compliance too - driving hour legislation, customs and health and safety.

We would recommend you plan on 6-8 weeks to get your campaign on the road, however we have done it in as little as 3 weeks but be prepared to have all the answers and approvals ready for us!

Each roadshow is bespoke so it really depends on fit-out, experience inside, sites and countries, and how long you need to travel. Some EMS clients have been on tour for 9 years!

Your Roadshow Manager does all this.  We become an extension of your team and manage all movement and event preparation - all your team need to do is arrive on the day, it’s a hassle free event service.

We ensure clear objectives are set from the start and build in metrics to measure the success; be it number of visitors, events, leads or sales to social media interaction.

Most of our clients enjoy the flexibility and speed of renting. However, if you want to purchase a roadshow truck we can manage the design and manufacture, along with operation once the truck is ready to tour.

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