Roadshow Marketing - Most Asked Questions

We get asked lots of questions, especially from clients new to roadshow truck marketing. Here are a few of the popular ones - but if you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Roadshow Trucks

What are roadshow trucks?
Whether you call them roadshow trucks, mobile event trailers, exhibition trailers... the list goes on! They are mobile spaces used by a number of sectors to solve business problems. For marketeers, they enable their business to create a a fully branded experiential activity that can be transported to their key customers or staff.

What are the benefits of roadshow trucks?
Roadshows are flexible, mobile spaces that can be designed to promote your business via a consistent branded experience. You can go directly to your key customers across the globe, provide live product demonstrations and generate new leads for your business. For more information, please visit our blogs where we have content that explains why a roadshow could be the best move you make.

Can you rent or hire a mobile event trailer?
Yes, we hire out all of our roadshow trucks. Some of our mobile event trailers are available to purchase. There is also the option to build a new vehicle to suit your requirements, however that would take a minimum of 6 months.

Do you manufacturer event trailers?
We can facilitate the build of a new exhibition unit, or refurbish an existing roadshow truck. Please visit EMS Production for more information:

Do you offer self-drive vehicles?
That's not something we offer at the moment. We have Roadshow Managers that drive, set up and manage the truck on event days, which is part of our rental package.

What size mobile event trailer should I use?
Our team of roadshow experts work with you to understand your requirements. From the type of sites you want to visit, to the number of visitors and the experience you want to create. There are many factors you need to consider, and we can help every step of the way.

How many people can fit onboard a roadshow truck?
The number of people on board varies dependent on a couple of factors. Size of the roadshow truck, type of experience created, whether people are sitting or standing, and social distancing. We can work with you to ensure the truck and experience aligns with the number of people you want on board during each session. Our range of roadshow trucks and maximum capacity of each, is available here:

Are roadshow trucks expensive?
Roadshow truck tours vary considerably in cost - from the size of the truck, to the experience inside the trailer and the site locations. Many things can alter the cost of a roadshow, but we can work with your team to ensure you get the best ROI and stay within your budgets, whilst achieving your objectives. Due to the length of a tour, many businesses have actually found that roadshows are more cost effective than traditional exhibition stands that are only used for short periods.

Can a roadshow truck be connected to the internet?
Yes, all of our roadshow trucks can be connected via satellite or using the 4G/5G networks around the globe. This means web hosting is enabled onboard, expanding your reach.


What do EMS need to know to provide a quote?

What, who, when and where. What type of experience do you want to create, or what is your objective or problem you are trying to solve? Who is the audience you want to reach and how many during each session? When do you want to launch the roadshow? What countries, cities or sites do you want to take the truck? These answers will enable us to build a picture and start mapping out what the roadshow should look like.

What's the lead time to get on the road?
The minimum amount of time we would need from contract signings to launch day, would be 6-8 weeks. We recommend, as with most events, that you start the planning around three months before launch. We do welcome a challenge though, so if you have an idea and want to move quickly, we are always happy to chat.

How long do event trailer tours run for?
The shortest hire period we recommend is 4-6 weeks, to ensure our clients get the best value for money. To maximise ROI, many of our clients run their roadshows for a number of years, with an average of 57 events per year.

Operations and Logistics

Where can you take a roadshow truck tour?
Since 2000, we've taken clients to over 50 countries including Europe, the Middle East and Russia. But if you want to go there, we'll use our expertise to get you there. In terms of sites and locations, our operations team will work with you in the planning stage and open up our extensive database of 'truck-approved' locations which include offices, public areas and a list of 1000's of other commercial and domestic spaces.

Do you have an online system for clients to use during the tour?
Yes, we has an online portal, MyTour, which is available for our clients. The system has a tiered log-in hierarchy, allowing users to request the truck, approve site options and access all up-to-date schedules, budgets, objective status' and tracking of the truck(s). The system has many different features for our clients and their teams to use and keep track of all their roadshow information.

Design and Production

Does EMS do the graphics on the trucks?
Yes, the EMS design team can create all the exterior graphics and fit them, if required. Alternatively, we can work with in-house teams or creative agencies to produce exterior graphics for the roadshow trucks.

Do you refurbish event trailers?
We can facilitate the refurbishment of an existing exhibition unit. Please visit EMS Production for more information:


What is roadshow marketing?
Effective roadshow marketing takes your business objective, designs an experience around your key customers and strategically targets them in locations that are convenient for them. Roadshow trucks are the perfect way for you to do that. For more information, please head over to our blogs where we have content that explains all the benefits of hitting the road:

What brands have done a roadshow before?
Many of the world's most well known brands have done roadshows. We've worked with lots of them, helping businesses reach their audiences using a roadshow. Take a look at our case studies to see our clients:

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