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Dunkirk Prologue Experience

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An unforgettable event

As one of the most anticipated films of the year, Warner Bros were keen to keep excitement levels high in the run up to the Dunkirk launch, so they came to us. By creating a mobile cinema complete with an 192 inch screen and butt-kicker seats, the experience was designed to immerse you in the film. And, as an added bonus, the footage on-board was an exclusive preview enabling lucky people across the UK and Europe the chance to have a sneak peek.

The Result

85% of visitors said they would go and see the full Dunkirk film after the experience

Over 90 people experienced the immersive preview per hour

Amazing reactions; "When the airplanes flew by, you could feel the vibration of the engines and propellers. I’ve read a lot about Dunkirk but what I saw makes me want to go see more”