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A Welcome Alternative to Meetings

Business meetings aren’t really that effective. That was the research insight that led the Radisson hotel group to create their innovative ‘Sensory Business Services’, a multi-sensory approach to corporate hospitality and conference services. 

We knew that the only way to sell such a radical sensorial concept was to show it in action, to create a fully immersive environment and let people experience it for themselves. We implemented a 7 week VIP roadshow that had everything from innovative multi-media shows and presentations to live chef demonstrations. 

The Result

65% of the target audience said they were more likely to book a Radisson meeting room after the event
Winner of a Marketing Innovation Award

Our Voyager Truck

Big, versatile and opened up in 2 hours. The Voyager’s fully enclosed double-pod design makes it perfect for creating immersive environments, free from outside interruptions. It has the space and facilities to build creative and complex shows and with no fewer than 6 in our fleet, the Voyager is our most popular exhibition trailer.

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