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Taking Automation from Strength to Strength

Building on the success of the Parker Instrumentation roadshow, Parker Motion Systems wanted to create the same stand-out experience at public tradeshows and private events. They required a new exhibition unit designed specifically for their needs - a unit that was practically suitable for a range of sites, but also large enough to hold events, demonstrations and seminars on-board.

The Result

With the aim of getting to as many customers as possible, we designed a unit that showcases Parker Motion Systems' key products - but is also compact and agile to enable the team to get directly to the doorsteps of their target audiences.

The exhibition unit has exceeded 10,000 visitors across over 20 countries since the launch in 2016. It has become a vital tool in the sales process, with just 7 weeks of truck activity bringing in the the equivalent amount of business as 1 sales person for 12 months. 

An estimated total lead value of $16m generated over 5 years of Parker Motion Systems roadshow events
The average cost per lead on the Parker truck is less than half the average equivalent at a tradeshow or B2B event

Client Feedback

“We’ve been taking our products on the road since 2007 - getting face-to-face with our target audience via a sophisticated exhibition vehicle. It’s been a huge success, EMS have created a truly ‘mobile’ engaging experience that has the real wow factor. They have helped us travel huge distances across Europe and the Middle East, there is no substitute - our customers love it!”

Parker Hannifin Marketing Team

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