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Making Everything Awesome in Europe

Everybody loves Lego – when we were asked to go to Europe to help Warner Bros promote a new movie based on their toys, we couldn’t wait to start playing.

We built a unique mobile broadcasting space for local market media that really captured the colour and character of the famous brand. VIP visitors were invited to build a Lego car and film their own movie trailer and the film’s animated stars were there to greet the guests.

The Result

11 events in 5 countries over 5 weeks
4,227 visitors came on board
1,691 personalised movie trailers were made

Our Challenger Truck

Modern and spacious, the Challenger exhibition trailers make a real impact. The gullwing and pod design provides plenty of space to create complex and immersive built-in exhibitions, while the open-style glass entrance allows you to extend your branded experience to the outside audience. Perfect for hospitality and product showcases.

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