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Client: IMG Live
Brand: EuroLeague Basketball

Experiential marketing agency IMG Live approached EMS when their client wanted to bring EuroLeague basketball closer to the fans than ever before. The aim was to engage new fans, build on the passion of existing fans and challenge them to uncover what it takes to become the next EuroLeague superstar.

With EMS' highly experienced operational and production team - we were the perfect partner to make IMG Live's ideas a reality and get their client to the places they wanted to go.




With multiple zones, we were able to build a roadshow event space that could inspire a new generation of stars.

Starting with the outdoor space, visitors were greeted by a bespoke EuroLeague court, with 3-on-3 matches being held in each European city. Building on the idea of 'training like a Pro', there was also a series of challenges to test everything from the reactions to dribbling and vertical height. 

Renowned street artists spray painted graffiti walls, bespoke to every event and a DJ blasted out music as you walked up the steps to the roadshow truck.

On-board features then included a locker room with merchandising where visitors could try on their favourite jerseys and take photographs with the trophy. An eSport area with gaming chairs and Snapchat QR codes linking to a branded filter also encouraged visitors to share their experience online.


Over 15,000 visitors across the 7 events

Our Exposure Truck

The real showman. With its giant outdoor HD screen and spectacular glazed entrance, the Exposure exhibition trailer is a class apart when it comes to making an impact. The spacious interior allows for complex and inventive displays, while the stepped deck and balcony mean you can greet and engage your audience in style.

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