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Driving Du Pont’s Automotive Sales

Our mission was to make a high impact roadshow campaign to energise the sales of Du Pont’s automotive products. We needed to create an environment to educate and inspire their customers, by showing them face to face what was possible with the latest products.

The Result

Met with 1,094 key industry representatives
Generated over 400 new business enquiries

Client Feedback

“The roadshow provided an effective way of raising our profile across a strategically important territory and offered the ultimate in convenience for our European customers. The vehicle itself provided a stylish and unusual way of displaying our extensive product range and we are delighted with the impact the tour delivered.”

Marketing Solutions & Brand Leader for DuPont

Our Voyager Truck

Big, versatile and opened up in 2 hours. The Voyager’s fully enclosed double-pod design makes it perfect for creating immersive environments, free from outside interruptions. It has the space and facilities to build creative and complex shows and with no fewer than 6 in our fleet, the Voyager is our most popular exhibition trailer.

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