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Training retailers through live demonstrations was a vital part of Bosch’s strategy, particularly when they had brand new products to launch. So, when their training academy was undergoing major refurbishments they needed to reach their sales staff and retail partners in an alternative way.

Bosch came to us with 3 strategic objectives for their staff training roadshow - train staff so they know at least three key features of each Bosch product; increase the sales of home appliances across UK retailers; and, drive brand awareness to the retail network and end consumers.

Additionally, the experience needed to reinforce Bosch’s brand positioning, be targeted, memorable and have a minimum impact on the salesroom floor.


Taking Bosch’s laboratory brand feel as inspiration, we designed a high impact experience within a fully functional kitchen environment. With over 25 home appliances on-board, we thought both practically and creatively to ensure each product was shown in the best possible light.

And, as the truck went directly to the distribution sites and retail outlets, impact to their day was minimal as they could visit the experience throughout the day.

17% perception shift on how consumers would rate quality of Bosch products
84% delegates now extremely / very confident in selling a Bosch product
74% highly likely recommend Bosch product to a customer

Our Challenger Truck

Modern and spacious, the Challenger exhibition trailers make a real impact. The gullwing and pod design provides plenty of space to create complex and immersive built-in exhibitions, while the open-style glass entrance allows you to extend your branded experience to the outside audience. Perfect for hospitality and product showcases.

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