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Client: Ogilvy
Brand: Barbican

When alcohol-free malt beverage brand Barbican wanted to maximise reach in the KSA market, particularly young Saudi Arabian males, they knew they needed to create the ultimate product sampling experience tailored to the very specific audience.

As well as the face-to-face element, a preferred interaction method in the Middle East, Barbican also wanted a digital element to the campaign to improve the engagement across the brand’s Facebook account.


When insights revealed that young males in the region loved cars, video games and drinking the beverage socially, EMS along with the brands’ creative agency Ogilvy, created the ‘ultimate car gaming experience’ roadshow.

Featuring 8 high-spec driving simulators, a driver briefing area, interview and a sampling zone with live streaming via GoPro cameras. The fully Barbican branded game encouraged visitors to sign up in teams with the fastest progressing to compete against fellow leaders, until a fastest time for each city was determined.

Gamers were then encouraged to share their times on social media in the bar area, whilst sampling the malt-based beverage.

17 events in Saudi Arabian cities over 5 weeks
Over 36,000 bottles of Barbican sampled

Client Feedback

“The activation idea came from the insight that young Saudi men love cars and video games, combined with the fact that Barbican drinkers and their friends love to socialise and conquer together as a team, hence 'Shillat Barbican'. Roadshow trucks are a new marketing concept for the GGC countries. They are a powerful way to deliver an immersive brand experience and we are very excited about the impact it will deliver for Barbican among this young audience.”

Account Manager at Memac Ogilvy Dubai

Our Voyager Truck

Big, versatile and opened up in 2 hours. The Voyager’s fully enclosed double-pod design makes it perfect for creating immersive environments, free from outside interruptions. It has the space and facilities to build creative and complex shows and with no fewer than 6 in our fleet, the Voyager is our most popular exhibition trailer.

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