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When insurance giant Allianz wanted to gain a competitive advantage and grow as a business, they knew the most effective way of doing that was to ensure their employees were fully on board.

So, they came to us with 3 key objectives for their employee engagement roadshow tour: increase employee understanding of who Allianz are as a brand, what they stand for and their sponsorship activities. Introduce their new brand values and find out what they mean to each employee. Raise awareness of discounts available and increase the number of employees that take up Allianz products and subsequently become brand advocates.

The experience also needed to be engaging, memorable, have minimal disruption within the offices and reach a target of 2,000 employees.


Inspired by the brand’s sponsorship activities, we designed the ‘Allianz TV’ studio experience. Using this familiar set-up, we could create a 30-minute experience including a ‘live’ link to the Chief Executive during a news segment reporting on their new brand values. A weather forecast feature which trained employees on the internal process for claims like floods and an ad break which showed the brand-new Allianz adverts. To ensure all results were measured, we also created interactive voting buttons so all employee feedback could be reported on.

Following the roadshow, the Allianz TV concept was rolled out across the business as an internal communication method.

88% now have a good understanding of new Allianz values
77% had better understanding of Allianz' business objectives following the experience
Exceeded 2,000 employee target reach by over 10%

Client Feedback

“The overall experience has not only been well received by all those who attended, but it has played a vitally important role in helping the whole business gain a deeper understanding of our values and what Allianz stands for. I’m delighted to have been part of the Allianz TV Outside Broadcast experience and the fantastic results it’s delivered as part of our ongoing commitment to employee engagement.”

David Radford, Brand Director Allianz

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