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Client: The Marketing Store
Brand: adidas

The Marketing Store needed an experienced and highly skilled roadshow provider to achieve the ideas promised to one of their biggest clients, adidas.

Reaching the right audience is key for adidas and for their latest ‘Here to Create’ campaign, that was no different. The brief was to create a world-first. An intense and mind-blowing experience showcasing speed and power.

For a tour of this scale both creatively and technically, EMS were the only partner that could achieve it in an experiential marketing roadshow truck. 

The Result

We designed ‘the puke cube’ a 360◦ LED screen experience that took experiential marketing to a whole new level. An immersive space so intense that we provided ‘sick bags’ on arrival. Once the video was complete, visitors could walk through a secret door in to a retail space with the latest Team Mode football boots. 

Visitors could then test the boots out in a shoot-out space, and feel like their favourite Footballer.

For more information on the design, manufacturing and refurbishment of our roadshow trucks, please visit EMS Production.

​Over 6,000 visitors across 8 event days​
92% of visitors to the experience were the brand’s target audience

Our Voyager Truck

Big, versatile and opened up in 2 hours. The Voyager’s fully enclosed double-pod design makes it perfect for creating immersive environments, free from outside interruptions. It has the space and facilities to build creative and complex shows and with no fewer than 6 in our fleet, the Voyager is our most popular exhibition trailer.

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