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Following a significant investment in updating its most popular titles to Blu-ray, 20th Century Fox was keen to promote the availability and quality improvement of the famous Fox movies available, as well as new releases such as the multimillion-dollar Avatar. 

As a more expensive alternative to DVDs, Fox needed a way of taking the product directly to consumers to communicate the differences face to face. Eager to also support key European retail partners, the experience also needed to be immersive and experiential to create a viral effect beyond the roadshow.



Taking the film studio as inspiration, we designed a three-part experience to meet their objectives. A mini-cinema experience greeted visitors, lined with iconic movie posters, high quality TVs and sound systems played DVD and Blu-Ray footage simultaneously.

After watching their favourite films, consumers were invited to star in them. A backstage area complete with green screens and an on-board editing suite provided an interactive and memorable experience for consumers to share online – showing their social networks a movie clip of them staring in films including Ice Age, Night at the Museum and Moulin Rouge.

Over 7,500 visitors took part in the experience
On average visitors spent at least 30 minutes on-board the vehicle
Personalised videos created on-board generated over 1.2 million views across 21 countries

Client Feedback

“This was an exciting campaign that created a giant buzz about Blu-ray at retailers across Europe. The roadshow allowed us to connect with consumers on an interactive and personal level and through the high definition Blu-ray trailers and data capture, it created a strong social media momentum beyond the event itself.”

August Martin, Vice President of Marketing, Library and Home Entertainment at 20th Century Fox

Our Voyager Truck

Big, versatile and opened up in 2 hours. The Voyager’s fully enclosed double-pod design makes it perfect for creating immersive environments, free from outside interruptions. It has the space and facilities to build creative and complex shows and with no fewer than 6 in our fleet, the Voyager is our most popular exhibition trailer.

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