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The benefits of marketing products and services face-to-face have been recognised for more than a hundred years, when merchants travelled far and wide on horse-drawn buggies to peddle their wares.

While the world of marketing has transformed, growing more complex and sophisticated, the idea of taking your business directly to customers has prevailed, and even with the advent of new technology such as virtual reality, there is no other discipline that will enable customers to get such an impactful experience of a brand.

oracle newsA recent article in Marketing Week looked at ‘What product demonstrations do for brands’ in detail. It reiterates the point that people buy from people - citing TGI figures that 41% of those who see a product demonstration go on to purchase - which is why experiential marketing continues to grow.

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This is certainly the case with a myriad of technology companies such as Ciena and Cisco, who have continued to use roadshows as part of their annual marketing activity. By specially fitting out roadshow trucks, we have helped them to take complex propositions directly to customers and prospects. As well as raising brand awareness this activity has also enabled engagement with a wider number of decision makers and ensured visitors get a first-hand experience of products.

The power of human interaction is further explored in a post on Social Media Today. There Is No More B2B or B2C: There Is Only Human to Human (H2H) discusses the need for clarity and simplicity of message, and the challenge of finding a way to explain something complex to help people better understand and engage.

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The government’s Student Finance campaign is an example of using face-to-face communication to deliver a detailed and sensitive message, ensuring clarity. Over the last few years the initiative has raised awareness of the financial support available for attending university. We have recruited and trained student presenters to deliver the message directly to thousands of students and their parents, resulting in almost 100% of participants increasing their understanding of the available options as well as a shift in perception.

The power of human touch shouldn’t be underestimated and face-to-face campaigns will continue to be a driving force for amplifying brand awareness, message engagement and bottom-line sales for many years to come.
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