Experiential – it’s the Holy Grail for EMS

6th December 2010 | Staff Blog

Samsung Experiential Marketing Trailer

David Quainton at Event magazine recently described experiential as the ‘Holy Grail’ of marketing (Not just hot air: the rise of experiential, Nov/Dec 2010). He said: “Experiential offers … a measurable campaign that also creates key influencers and brand ambassadors, through those who have ‘experienced’ the event itself…influence is everything.”

It’s a description that a growing number of big brands endorse.

EMS Managing Director Keith Austin comments: “Here at EMS we have seen a growth in business from technology clients who recognise the immense value of experiential. With our help, brands like Samsung, Cisco and Dell are giving customers a hands-on experience of products through innovative, high-tech roadshow campaigns.

“Others are seeing the value of putting employees first, with internal, brand-building communication campaigns like the highly successful roadshow we provided for Sky HD.”

Despite or perhaps because of the tough economic times, a growing number of companies like Infinera, Parker and Motorola are opting to take their products directly to customer sites via roadshows, to target the decision makers and tactically reach key influencers too.

Austin adds: “As we celebrate our 10th anniversary and head for our best financial year ever, we are proud to be doing business in experiential – the sector that has come of age.”

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