Employee engagement and the economic recovery

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New research reveals that as the economic uncertainty continues, more than half of UK employees are unhappy at work. The survey, by Mercer, reveals that 36% of workers are even considering leaving their job.

UK workers are significantly less enthusiastic about their jobs than four years ago – only 61% these days say work gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment, compared to 70% in 2007.

Employee engagement is the key to reversing those figures, comments Chris Johnson, Mercer’s UK head of human capital. He says it’s vital for companies to work to retain their employees – as they are the people who will drive their employer’s success as the economy recovers. It’s a tool that a number of EMS clients are using with great results – taking to the road with EMS to deliver imaginative campaigns that re-energise their workforce.

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Marks & Spencer came to EMS when they needed effective employee training to implement a new store remodelling programme. We helped them develop a roadshow to motivate and inspire 3,500 staff at 34 stores and maximise the potential of their remodelled store.

HBOS, part of the Lloyds banking group, offered a touring ‘personal shopper’ experience for all their branch staff in a major internalcommunications campaign to launch their new corporate livery. One thousand HBOS colleagues chose new uniforms from a nine-week tour and feedback was consistently positive.

Just two examples of cost-effective employee engagement that is helping companies – and their workforce – ride out the recovery successfully.

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