Getting Face to Face With Your Audience

As your marketplace gets ever more crowded, more and more brands are looking for ways to connect with their audiences with an integrated, controllable experience that gets close to the heart of the target market. That’s where the power of the roadshow truck comes into its own – we offer the opportunity to showcase your range in a single, standalone, fully connected environment that can be moved from location to location every day. What better way to engage with your audience and deliver real results, whether that’s in awareness and sales from your customers or product knowledge and training for staff?
A roadshow truck tour can help you stand out from the crowd, get one to one time in your own space, move your campaign to maximise ROI and deliver
your brand experience consistently.


Internal Space


Setup Time

2 Hours


30 (theatre)


7 weeks

Additional Information

A 12 week Tour using Exposure could give you over 15,000 face to face in depth contacts with your target audience and over 400,000 Opportunities To See while on the road.

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