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Event Marketing Solutions are Europe’s leading roadshow management specialists, providing bespoke events management services for companies from many different sectors, enabling brands both large and small to take their campaigns to a wider audience using innovative roadshow marketing vehicles.

As you would expect from a major roadshow management company, EMS exhibition trailers come in a host of different sizes – small, medium and large – and you can take our roadshow management vehicles wherever you need to; we have taken our roadshow management skills across the UK, Europe, Russia, the Middle East and the United States.

EMS has the roadshow management experience and expertise to bring your event marketing campaigns to life, using our exhibition trailers and skilled roadshow management personnel to generate sales and brand awareness wherever we go.



Need Professional Roadshow Management Advice?

EMS are experts in roadshow management, having worked with many international brands, and can handle your roadshow marketing campaigns from beginning to end. We create high quality event marketing campaigns using state of the art roadshow marketing vehicles.

If you would like more information about how EMS can take full control of your event marketing campaign with our customised exhibition trailers and experienced roadshow management specialists, please get in touch.

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Roadshow Managment

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Small Exhibition Trailers

The small Explorer and Pathfinder exhibition trailers are ideal for social marketing campaigns and hospitality events.

Medium Exhibition Trailers

Our range of medium sized exhibition trailers includes the Endeavour, Enterprise, Outlook and Outreach roadshow marketing vehicles.

Large Exhibition Trailers 

We have a wide range of large exhibition trailers, with roadshow marketing vehicles such as the Voyager, Challenger, Pioneer and Graduate. 

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